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This is where we send people when they’ve been bad. Actual apologies get people out of the corner, but those are rare, so I’ll have to figure out what to do when the list gets too long. I have more to put on even now, but there’s still that dang paper to write.

Aaron P. Taylor, who doesn’t understand that “rape” means without consent, and therefore it is impossible to ask to be raped.  Consider him the poster boy for the sexually frustrated men who blame women for their bad luck.

Mark Ciptak, a sort of mneumonic device for how Republicans are into men making decisions that affect women without their consent.

Johnny Vegas, comedian rapist. Way to sum up the Rape is Hilarious genre.

David Vitter and prosecutors Daniel Butler and Catherine Connelly, and those are just the names mentioned in the article.

Damon Wayans thinks it’s funny (I can only hope it’s because he doesn’t realize it happens in real life, BUT IT DOES, without the superhero) to give your girlfriend an abortion against her will through violence.

Somebody is not only a good example of a misogynist who thinks disliking misogyny is like disliking fun itself, he’s also a good example of someone who has no sympathy for any oppressed group except his own. But apparently he’s not really Alex K. I don’t know if Alex deserves any blame, but anyway.

Silvio Berlusconi apparently thinks that if a woman is in a political party, it’s because the men of the party chose her to be in it based on her looks, since women have no agency and are just for looking at. Then he takes it upon himself to judge them.

Amanda Marcotte has been accused of something corner-worthy. I don’t have the info to make a judgment, but I hope for a positive change as a result, myself included.

Chief Petty Officer Doug Wilson – sorry gender equality gets in the way of your hating women, Doug

La Clínica San Rafael

FOX news gets a corner all to itself; this is just one example of why

Judge Joseph A. Dugan Jr., who can’t tell the difference between rape and sex, who could have saved lives if he had believed a woman.

Judges Charles Johnson, Charles Chapel, David Lewis and Arlene Johnson in Oklahoma (you ARE supposed to reasonably be able to expect privacy under your dress, even if that dress is located in a larger public space, idiots) (thanks Feministe)

Transportation Security Administration


Jay Leno


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  1. Wow. The Corner is probably one of the best ideas I have ever heard of for a blog. hahaha. I really wish I had come up with it. Nice job. =)

    Comment by Amelia — March 31, 2008 @ 1:21 am | Reply

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