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November 5, 2008


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We have a black president.  That’s amazing.  And the American people have spoken, and they put Democrats in charge.  That’s a chance for change to actually happen.  But we have some nasty amendments that people voted for, like gay marriage bans.  Not all the results on those are in yet but I do think there will be some damage, although abortion looks safe.

I’m just pissed that my family and certain friends have, one intentionally and several unintentionally, made me feel so isolated and misunderstood that I’m not even excited right now.  This is a historic moment, and I am lucky to have been born at a time that allows me to live through it AND have taken part in it.  I should be tearing up with hope, not with…whatever it is that made me cry uncontrollably during Obama’s acceptance speech.  It wasn’t happy tears, although I definitely did want him to win.  It was something about his message of bipartisan unity and me imagining what my family members have to say about that idea. (Hint: it wasn’t “Oh, sounds like a great plan!”)

I need my boyfriend to come back from his trip, he’s pretty much the only person I can be 100% open with without using a pseudonym.  Maybe if he had been here I wouldn’t feel like even in an Obama presidency, I have to watch what I say.

Also: it’s about damn time.  And I’ll be expecting a female president soon.

So I know the Republicans are back at the drawing board, and if I could just offer them some suggestions: drop the fundamentalists.  Drop those among you who are irrational, willfully ignorant, happy to brainwash and deceive, and generally backwards and hateful.  The younger generation is interested in libertarianism, so if you stop trying to control people and just stick to your small government ideas, you can come back.  And then, I will see some point in engaging in conversation with you, because libertarians (when they’re not being arrogant douches, which some of them unfortunately are – you know what I’m talking about, every party has their douches, but the libertarians do it in a way that you can spot) actually have arguments based on reasons rather than knee jerk reactions based on bias.  And they’re about not controlling people, which is way better than controlling people.  So pretty please, drop the fundies and pick up the libertarians.  It’ll be awesome.  We can stop wasting our time arguing over whether or not the state should be in the business of defining gender norms and punishing sluts, and think about more complex issues.

I hope tomorrow I wake up excited.  Of course then I’ll go to class and my prof, I of course got the only conservative professor in the school or something, will probably complain about socialism.  A guy tonight told me that this is how communism started according to his Polish friend.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say we’re not going to turn communist.  But anyway.  I’m tutoring refugees tomorrow and at least I’ll know we’re about to have a president who won’t create more refugees because he thinks God told him to or because he thinks machismo should be the guiding principle of foreign affairs. This might be the beginning of a new era in US history.


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