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November 4, 2008

Something different

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I’m just writing to say (great now I have “I just called/ to say/ I love youuuuuu” in my head) that a Christian friend of mine is actively trying to debunk myths spread about Obama by the religious right (and the just plain right), and I think that’s awesome.  I’m sort of giving out cookies here, which I’m normally not into, but since I do tend not to mince words when it comes to how I really feel about the Christian religion, I thought I’d make a point of saying that I appreciate this.  It’s exactly what I would tell Christians to do when they’re sitting around complaining that the gay-haters and so on are ruining Christianity’s reputation: don’t tell ME that Christianity is actually way better than that, not about that at all, and you don’t think that way.  Tell THEM those things.  Don’t whip out your Bible to convince ME that you’re really ok because your religion is really about love, not hate.  Whip out your Bible and explain that to THEM.  I understand the desire to defend yourself against people who don’t see the difference in the many many different kinds of Christianity (or any religion), but if you spend all your time telling the critics of the hateful kind of Christianity that you’re actually really loving but never do anything to make Christianity a more loving religion, either by trying to bring the hateful people back in line, or by going out and loving gay people and women and so on through some kind of volunteer work (no, counseling scared, impressionable pregnant teenagers against having an abortion DOES NOT COUNT), then you’re living out one of Jesus’ parables in which he said, and I paraphrase, dude 1 said he’d do a chore but didn’t, dude 2 said he wouldn’t do it but did, dude 2 is the one who actually obeyed.  And you’re dude 1.

So thank you, Christian friend, for standing up for what’s right instead of just standing up for yourself and your religion.  You’re dude 2, except you’re actually female and the story was about two sons.

No thanks to my grandmother who just called to yell at me for probably voting for Obama.  Lovely way to help me celebrate my first vote in a presidential election.  Thanks to my mom who just called to make me feel better after finding out about my grandmother’s call, despite my mom also being a Republican.


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