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October 29, 2008

Women with hard-ons

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So I just saw Liss from Shakesville say she has “a hard-on for democracy” and at first I was annoyed by the gendered term, and then I realized it doesn’t have to be gendered.  Clitorises get filled with blood, bigger, and harder when women are aroused, too.  We just ignore that because the clitoris isn’t the point in patriarchal sex.  Patriarchal sex is strictly penis and vagina – more about the penis than the vagina, but the vagina is incorrectly considered the analogue to the penis, so that when he’s hard, she’s wet.  But she can be hard too, and he can be wet too if you count pre-ejaculate.  And she can ejaculate, too, sometimes.  Sorry fundies, we’re just not as different as you’d like us to be.  So how ’bout us women start claiming our hard-ons?  Or boners, or erections, or whatever you like.

Oh, awesome.  It turns out Liss was thinking of the same thing when she wrote that, here’s the link she used:

PS I want a sculpture of the whole entire internal clitoris, partially because I think the clit makes a great feminist symbol, and partially because no one would recognize it so up-tight people could just admire my abstract art and never know.


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