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March 25, 2008

Where do I sign up for the Homosexual Agenda?

Filed under: Christianity,Homosexual Agenda,LGBTQ — judgesnineteen @ 11:48 pm

Here’s Sally Kern and a really awesome openly gay pastor who was willing to go on TV with her and was really civil with her. I love the part where Kern talks about how we’re still under the moral law of the Old Testament and even said that that included rape being wrong. I wonder if she thinks it should still be punished by marriage. I wonder if she pays any attention at all to all the other moral laws (how are the not mixing two types of fabric or seeds laws not moral laws? they don’t sound civil or ceremonial to me) or if she only reads the ones that allow her to control other people’s lives without going so far as to require her to challenge laws that are already widely accepted in our culture. I’d like to say she should realize that if she’s going to be anti-gay, she also needs to be anti-women’s rights, but since she probably already is (ever notice how some of the loudest female anti-feminists have jobs outside the home? and use them to spout their anti-feminism? it’s pretty amusing), I guess that’s something I shouldn’t stir up.She was also such an asshole to interrupt a PASTOR and start teaching him basic theology.

But really, if LGBTQ groups (is it wishful thinking to think all the letters are involved?) are raising money to replace conservative representatives one by one, I think that’s a great idea. Although not an entirely new one, since that’s kind of how politics works. But this particular political agenda sounds good to me. Can I get a homosexual agenda bumper sticker or something? Like how the Republicans had Proud Member: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I want Proud Member: Homosexual Agenda, with a snazzy tag line, like Scarier than terrorists! Or, More Destructive than WMDs! Or, Metastasizing to a District Near You. Yes, I think I like the last one best. I imagine there are people who won’t know what metastasizing means, and it’s a pity to lose the joke, but it could just create a new one, where they imagine that metastasis is some kind of new sexual perversion.


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