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March 24, 2008

Let’s get a couple things straight on the election

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1. You don’t vote for someone because of their race or gender, unless maybe they’re exactly every bit as qualified the other candidates (or more so) and you want to break a woman/black person/etc into the job. I acknowledge that there’s something hard about getting that first one through. And I even think that it’s a little easier to get a woman elected head of state for the first time if she’s related to a former head of state, which might make people want to take advantage of this opportunity. But you have to hold yourselves back, people. If you want women’s rights, vote for a candidate based on their women’s rights record, not based on the fact that they’re a woman. Charlotte Allen is a woman, after all. If you want to fight racism, same deal. Plus, voting on identity instead of on political records means you can only side with whatever issues your candidate embodies. We can’t elect a transsexual lesbian black handicapped poor Muslim in this election cycle, but we can try to elect people who will work for the issues we care about. Pitting one fight against oppression against other such fights is a terrible idea; we already have to fight the oppression, why make it harder? Plus it’s just as wrong to be racist as it is to be sexist, and vice versa.

2. It’s not ok to use sexism or racism to win an election. Ever. Period. It’s not ok to use sexism or racism to champion your favorite candidate. Ever. Period. It’s not “just a joke,” it’s sexism and racism, which need to cease to exist.

3. It’s not racist to say that racism of white people against black people exists and that this racism makes life hard for black people. It’s more racist NOT to say so.

4. It is willfully ignorant to say that life is hard for black men due to racism but that white women have absolutely no problems because race is the only issue. It amounts to sexism.

5. It’s fine to not like Hillary Clinton as a candidate. It’s not fine for your reason for not liking her to be “I don’t like her husband” or “She’s a bitch” or “She’s too feminine” or “She’s too masculine.”

6. If your reason for not liking her is that she’s too far to the left (ha), you need to actually go look at the facts, because she and Obama are awfully similar.

7. It’s fine to not like Obama as a candidate. It’s not fine for your reason for not liking him to be “He’s too black” or “He’s not black enough” or “His middle name is Hussein” or “His name sounds like Osama” or “Muslim terrorists!!!1”

8. Debate how much experience Clinton really had, go for it. But don’t try to pretend that being a First Lady (I loathe that title, by the way) always involves the same amount of political experience and therefore comparing Clinton to any wife of any former president is valid.

Why is this so difficult to grasp?! I’m so sick of seeing the same stuff over and over again after every little thing that happens with these candidates. It all revolves around the same issues that we just can’t get no matter how many times we rehash it. Can we just skip to November already?

Edit: one more thing.  The Democrat-Republican difference is bigger than the Obama-Clinton difference.  This is important, people.  Don’t fight so much that you mess everything up for the national election.


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